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TLV059: Fun Adults - Sap Solid/Acacia 7" - 10 copies left

by Fun Adults


Fun Adults - ‘Sap Solid'/'Acacia’ 7” Single

Released Monday October 15th
Limited to 300 copies.
Artwork by Huw Thomas

Hailing from the West Country and nurtured in Leeds, Fun Adults combine off-kilter pop melodies and percussive arrangements with classic songwriting craft. Comprised of the four-piece of Dan Jacobs, Kyle Molleson, Declan Pleydell-Pearce and Huw Thomas, they first drew attention when posting the brittle, porcelain textures and angular electronic shuffle of ‘'Til Sleep’ on their Soundcloud earlier in the year.

Their debut single for Tough Love makes for an enticing formal introduction, with two tracks equally awash with sinuous melody and an adventurous, shape-shifting sonic edge. Placing similar emphasis on texture and rhythm, ‘Sap Solid’ and ‘Acacia’ cast a myriad of dancing shades that hint at an underlying emotional complexity, feeling at once intangible and foreign and conversely human and beckoning.

The band have spent the summer renovating a 200-year-old barn into a studio, where they wrote, recorded and produced the tracks, alongside friend and producer Tom Howe. Acting as a self-sufficient creative hub, the attention to detail is evident: from the intricately layered arrangements and hi-fidelity production to the vivid, oil-painted artwork and animated imagery that accompanies their work.

Dense yet translucent, languid yet sharp-edged, ‘Sap Solid'/ 'Acacia’ is an intriguing introduction to Fun Adults' world of brash colors and elusive shadow play